January 10, 2020

TSUNEISHI GROUP (ZHOUSHAN) SHIPBUILDING exhibited at MARINTEC CHINA 2019, one of Asia’s largest international maritime exhibitions

TSUNEISHI GROUP (ZHOUSHAN) SHIPBUILDING exhibited at MARINTEC CHINA 2019, one of Asia’s largest international maritime exhibitions

November 25, 2019

TSUNEISHI GROUP (ZHOUSHAN) SHIPBUILDING exhibits at Marintec China 2019, Asia’s largest international maritime exhibition: Introducing TSUNEISHI Quality to the world

TSUNEISHI GROUP (ZHOUSHAN) SHIPBUILDING exhibits at Marintec China 2019, Asia’s largest international maritime exhibition: Introducing TSUNEISHI Quality to the world


Quality, performance, design. All technical skills are put into a single ship.


2,806TEU type Container Carrier

This ship is capable of carrying a maximum of 2,806 containers, and can carry refrigerated containers and containers of hazardous materials. Loading and unloading is possible even at ports that do not have the necessary facilities, because of the ship having equipment for this purpose onboard. Its top-class fuel efficiency is due to its unique energy-saving technologies and electronic control engine.

Specification2,806TEU type Container Carrier

Length ×breadth ×depth :Less than 186 m ×35.6 m ×17.9 m
Full load draft :11.0m
Deadweight :about 37,200 metric tons
Gross Tonnage :about 33,700 tons

1,091TEU type Container Carrier

1,091TEU type Container Carrier

This ship is capable of carrying a maximum of 1,091 containers, and can carry refrigerated containers and containers of hazardous materials.Its environment-conscious design includes high fuel efficiency.

Specification1,091TEU type Container Carrier

Length ×breadth ×depth :about 146 m ×23.35 m ×11.50 m
Full load draft :8.5m
Deadweight :about 13,300 metric tons
Gross Tonnage :Less than 10,000 tons


LR I Product Oil / Chemical Tanker

With its high cargo flexibility and a cargo capacity of approximately 92,000 m3, this ship is capable of delivering to a wide variety of ports.

SpecificationLR I Product Oil / Chemical Tanker

Length ×breadth ×depth :Less than 228.0 ×38.0 m ×19.3 m
Full load draft :13.3 m
Deadweight :about 77,000 metric tons
Gross Tonnage :about 46,100 tons
Cargo hold capacity :about 92,000 cubic meters



Combining abundant knowledge, experience and skills in the pursuit of environmental performance and quality to supply products with competitive prices.

Research & Development

Tsuneishi's lifeline is R&D and design that accurately meets diverse needs, such as energy saving.


TSUNEISHI(SHANGHAI) SHIP DESIGN Co.,Ltd.Basic design work is being undertaken through a partnership with TSUNEISHI SHIPBUILDING by means of development design and functions design that makes good use of automatic design systems, etc.


Xiushan BranchXiushan Branch is also responsible for tank testing for shipbuilding development cooperating with the Ship Planning Dept. of TSUNEISHI SHIPBUILDING in Japan, beside the details and production design of ships built at the Zhoushan factory.

Corporate info

TSUNEISHI GROUP (ZHOUSHAN) SHIPBUILDING, Inc. began in March 2003, on Xiushan Island, where it allows efficiency in procuring materials by being located near Shanghai. We are also promoting to develop on employee skills and to associate with local society as well as developing a new shipbuilding business.


Forward ever stronger, Challenge ever higher. TSUNEISHI GROUP (ZHOUSHAN) SHIPBUILDING, Inc. started in 2003 as Chinese base of Japan's TSUNEISHI SHIPBUILDING Co., Ltd.
It constructs both the TESS series and KAMSARMAX Bulk Carrier, which are highly regarded by the market. Further, actively promoted on passing down our skills to Chinese staffs, who will take an important role in business development.
In 10 years, they have grown into leaders in manufacturing sector and developing the quality and productivity.
While business environment is becoming complicated due to the development of global economy, our mission is to continue to supply customers with highly valued ships. Aiming for a product lineup that can handle customer needs flexibly, we accept the challenge of new products with TSUNEISHI SHIPBUILDING Co., Ltd. With TSUNEISHI (SHANGHAI) SHIP DESIGN Co., Ltd. , we will improve developmental ability and shipbuilding technologies with local educational facilities together to train engineers and researchers. Another important theme for us is to achieve rich local lives.
We will devote all our efforts to such regional sustainable development such as creating job opportunity, and supporting medical support and education. Forward ever stronger, Challenge ever higher. For the next 100 years, we are aiming for further growth with the region and employees by devoting the entire company together and all our spirit to progress.

Jiro Sato

Corporate Profile

Factory Retiao Village, Xiushan Island, Daishan County,?
Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province, P. R. of China
TEL:+86-580-473-0099 FAX:+86-580-473-0088
Established 30 December 2003
Capital US$43,407,500.-
Business New shipbuilding, ship block construction
Employees Approx. 4,600 (as of December 2019, including cooperating companies)
DinghaiOffice 5F, No.38, Jiefang West Rd, Dinghai, Zhoushan,
Zhejiang Province, P. R. of China
TEL:+86-580-473-0018 Fax:+86-580-206-7268
URL www.octoopus.cn
Settlement period December
Lot area 1.3 million m²


2003 Mar. Tsuneishi Group (Zhoushan) Marine & Development Inc. established
Sep. First shipment of accommodation block
Dec. Tsuneishi Group (Zhoushan) Hull-body Production Inc. established
2004 Sep. First berth completed
First shipment of Fore block
2007 Jun. 2nd berth completed; start of 1st ship construction
Oct. Launch of TSUNEISHI GROUP (ZHOUSHAN) SHIPBUILDING, Inc. merging 2 companies.
1st ship, TESS58 “GL PRIMERA”, completed
2009 Mar. Construction of under 100 thousand ton-class dock completed
2011 Oct. 1st Tsuneishi technical Olympics hosted
2013 May. 1st 1,020TEU class container ship completed
2015 Jan. 1st tugboat completed
2017 May. Certified as a company in compliance with the “China’s white list”
Jun. Began operating its solar-powered shipyard, the largest in the world at 19 megawatts
2019 Mar. 1st LR I Product Oil / Chemical Tanker completed
Jun. Construction of 200 ships achieved

Access Map

Address / Retiao Village, Xiushan Island, Daishan County,?
Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province, P. R. of China
Tel:+86-580-473-0099 Fax:+86-580-473-0088

Transportation from Shanghai:

  • By air:
  • - Fly from Hongqiao Airport (in Shanghai) to Zhoushan Airport (on Zhoushan Island)
  • - Drive from Zhoushan Airport (on Zhoushan Island) to Sanjiang Port (on Zhoushan Island)?
  • - Take a ferry from Sanjiang Port (on Zhoushan Island) to Lanshan Port (on Xiushan Island)
  • - Drive from Lanshan Port to our company (about three minutes)
  • By boat:
  • - Take a high-speed boat from Xiaoyangshan Port (Shanghai) to Ximatou Port (on Zhoushan Island)
  • - Drive from Ximatou Port (on Zhoushan Island) to Sanjiang Port (on Zhoushan Island)
  • - Take a ferry from Sanjiang Port (on Zhoushan Island) to Lanshan Port (on Xiushan Island)
  • - Drive from Lanshan Port to our company (about three minutes)
  • By Highway Bus:
  • A:Take a Highway Bus from Shanghai South port bridge Bus terminal to Zhoushan Dinghai Ferry port No.1
  • B:Take a Highway Bus from Shanghai Railway South station to Zhoushan Dinghai Rail way - Ferry Center


Strengthening regional corporation for the sustainable development of local society.

The TSUNEISHI GROUP is working on social responsible activities under the themes of “Healthy child raising” and “Local activation”. We will put each and every possible factor into practice as a company to secure the future for the people and the planet.

Operation of a solar-powered shipyard,
the largest in the world at 19 megawatts
Operation of a solar-powered shipyard, the largest in the world at 19 megawatts
This solar-powered shipyard is driven by a solar power generation system integrated into the construction of the facility, with a total generating capacity of 19 megawatts. The power generated by this facility is supplied to the factory and offices of Tsuneishi Zhoushan, with any surplus electricity delivered to the grid. This system contributes to lower electrical costs and environmental protection.
Support for employees’ lifestyles
Support for employees’ lifestyles
In addition to establishing company housing and dormitories (which include Joshu-en , built in 2013 and certified as a five-star company housing facility), the Tsuneishi Group has also supported other initiatives, such as the expansion of local childcare facilities, to allow its employees and their families to have a comfortable daily life.
Abundant support for regional lifestyles
Abundant support for regional lifestyles
We continue our support to enrich the lives of residents in the region around Xiushan Island, in areas that include healthcare, education, and child care.The Tsuneishi Group assisted in the construction costs for the aging Xiushan Health Centre, renovating the building into a hospital of greater scale and level of facilities. The Xiushan Health Centre serves an important role for the region, being the only medical institution on Xiushan Island that offers such a range of healthcare services, from medical tests and emergency services to medicines.Going forward, we have set our sights on the ideal of becoming a factory that grows in tandem with the region, creating jobs and living in harmony with the residents of the region for a hundred years to come.


We are not currently hiring.

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